Devasya International Public Pre-Primary School

  • In order to smoother and increase interest in education.
  • We Use mobile app. & POPKORN app to introduce the concept of Learn While Play.
  • We provide interesting & well decorated attractive colorful classes and syllabus so that students are inspired to learn with interest.
  • Our teachers teach the students with lots of love and affection and they play with them.
  • Popkorn benefits to learn in a low stressed environment.
  • Mobile app- learning videos , educational games. This app revises the work done in class room.
  • Attractive play area with attractive outdoor equipments.
  • Audio visual assessment by smart board.
  • Learning becomes interesting & interactive through popkorn app. Syllabus of the same is based on 5 approaches

(1) Learn (2) Look and Learn (3) Practice (4) Play and (5) Assessment.

Devasya International Public Primary School

  • Our highly qualified experienced & dedicated teachers get mixed up with the students like their friends.
  • They teach them with lots of love and attention and create interest.
  • They Educate them with teaching & learning aids to make them keen to study and curious to learn more and more.
  • They play with students.
  • All our classes are smart class , equipped with AC
  • From sound hygienic point of view , we have installed RO plant.
  • Regular Parents-Teachers Meeting .
  • We give education with lowest Burden.

Devasya International Public Secondary School

  • Our teaching pattern is based on without any sort of burden. Due to this pattern , students don’t require additional tuition.
  • Our highly qualified , experienced & dedicated teachers teach them with lots of love and attention so that it becomes easier for them to grasp.
  • Our teachers make all subject interesting and easy to understand and hence , their interest in study remains in tact.
  • Simultaneously, they are very friendly & open with them.

Devasya International Public Higher Secondary School

  • In addition to academic, we also provide professional career oriented education too by hiring expert faculties.
  • We get them prepared integrated course whereby they can easily pass out IIT based Competitive Exam.
  • Our highly  qualified , experienced & dedicated teachers do their Best to bring out brilliant results without making students heavy burduned.
  • They always come up with innovative ideas/techniques to make a respective subject easier.
  • All classes are smart class , equipped with AC.
  • Career oriented seminars are organized.
  • Regular parents teachers meeting.